Privacy policy

In our site, I handle it about collection, the use, management of the personal information appropriately as follows. I will manage the website to be able to use it to all of you in peace.

  • With the personal information
    It is the information that can identify the individual including the “name” “address” “phone number” “e-mail address” registered in our site.
  • About collection of personal information
    The collection of personal information in our site should be an offer (registration) of the information by the intention of a user.
    In collection of personal information, I state a collection purpose clearly and do not do the use except the purpose again.
    The collection of personal information enforces this in a range necessary to achieve the purpose that I stated clearly.
  • Limit of the use purpose of the personal information
    I use personal information performed an offer (registration) of by the person using our site within the collection purpose that I stated clearly beforehand.
  • Management of the personal information
    About the personal information that our site collected, the person in charge of the website manages it well and takes the measures that it is appropriate not to have a leak, unjust diversion, manipulation.